Planet Mars Foundation: Top NGO in Udupi

Vision & Mission


To ensure that every girl child enjoys her fundamental rights and has access to basic facilities, regardless of her life’s circumstances, so that she may grow into an educated, economically independent and responsible citizen, who contributes actively to the society.

NGO for girl child education

Our team




A socially sensitized child, who often volunteered at NGOs and orphanages, Rakshanda founded Planet Mars Foundation when she was just 15 years old. A not-so-happy visit to an orphanage led her to realise the urgent need to provide long-term, systematic support to at-risk girls. Thus, with the support of her family and a passion for service, Rakshanda set up PMF to provide everything to a disadvantaged girl that someone of privilege, like her, enjoyed – love, care, security, education and the right to dream.

With PMF successfully supporting 30 girls today, she dreams of welcoming hundreds more in need. She also wants to reach out to other vulnerable sections of the society, like destitute women and abandoned seniors who are economically deprived.

Rakshanda is now pursuing her engineering degree in the United States. Apart from acing in academics, she is also an athlete and has interests in debate and art. She is an active member and volunteer of several global charity organizations, including Girl Up – a campaign led by the United Nations.